Welcome to my new main webpage and domain!


It's dedicated to Transformers G1, TF Animated, Legion of Superheroes the animated

series and the Discworld novels. In the fanzone section you will also find a link to

my separate G1/Beast Wars page!

Quick bulletin:

One other major change will come in january/february 2012.

But it sounded very DC comics centered so i picked a new free domain instead.




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Credits and thanks:


For some screenhots: The TitansGo! site and Arison.

Guest and gift art: Mel and Roguekitty.


Pacerwolf.com was created 2008 by me, J.A Nilsson aka Pacerwolf/Snakeguru.
In March 2009 It was relocated to Angelfire and the domain name changed.



Copyrights and disclaimer blurb


The copyrights for the shows and related characters featured in the fanzone, writings and visuals

do not belong to me. They belong to their respective companies such as: Warner Brothers, DC Comics,

Hasbro, Takara, Kenner, Disney and Hanna Barbera. I make no profits of this page and never will, it's  purpouse

is to entertain, inform and express the love for these shows, books etc.